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A Little About Us

Our family loves to eat cupcakes and we love to create our own frozen yogurt blends and that is how Argyle was born and it is "Where Cupcakes and Frozen Yogurt Meet!"

At Argyle we not only want you to enjoy our delectable sweet course but also relax in our comfortable lodge like atmosphere. While creating the concept of Argyle, we wanted to incorporate a comfortable and fun environment. We chose to outfit our destination as a blend of our favorite Ski Lodge or Summer Cabin. Whether you are skiing in the winter or camping in the summer, or just out hiking and exploring, you always come back to the Lodge or Cabin for great food, great company and lots of fun. We invite you to kick back and relax, while enjoying a treat with your friends and family at Argyle. By the way, send us picture of you enjoying one of your favorite outdoor activities or enjoying your favorite Argyle treat and we will post it on our Argyle TV, making you a local celebrity!

Argyle is a locally born gourmet dessert destination, established in 2012.

The origin of Argyle dates back to childhood memories of owner Christy baking with her mother and Italian grandmother. As a mother, Christy found it even more important to use fresh ingredients when feeding and treating her family. Argyle's was created to give friends and family a gathering place for savory melt or a sweet treat at the end of a full day of hiking or fishing in the summer and skiing in the winter. Argyle aims to take you back to that time and create new memories to bask in.

Open now for lunch, its known for their gourmet cupcakes made from scratch daily. Equally important is the local & organic frozen yogurt, which has become known (according to it’s patrons) as the best in Richmond!
Argyle is the only shop of it’s kind in Virginia, offering two of the most sought out and hottest-selling desserts, under one roof! A hot and cold beverage barista closes the loop in your variety of choices of quality dessert and drink.

This is all offered in a soothing, lodge- themed ambiance. Argyle is where customers meet friends or family, gather for a business meeting with free WiFi, give the kids an upscale treat, host a birthday party, or have any other reason to let the peace and warmth of Argyle cradle you, while enjoying a quality, yummy treat.
One of Argyle cupcakes’ secret ingredients is yogurt! Research has shown that yogurt is a good source of probiotics, which help maintain digestive microflora and the immune system. All Argyle yogurt products contains “live and active” cultures. Biting into an Argyle cupcake is not only a delicious experience but a healthier alternative to the “normal” cupcake.

Argyle yogurt products are a source of protein, calcium, Vit D, Vit B-2, B-12, potassium and magnesium, all necessary for a healthy, active body.

Harvard University studies suggest BP benefits with dairy intake, including yogurt.

So the next time you are in our area, stop into Argyle and treat yourself to lunch, a cupcake or frozen yogurt! Satisfy your sweet tooth while getting some probiotics!

Recent News & Press

December 13th and 14th 

Argyle Cupcakes participates in the St. Edward's School Winter Festival!

We say YES to every charitable group and event.

Any organization with a nonprofit tax id may purchase cupcakes at a discount to give away, auction off or even resell for profit. Click here to contact us and schedule!


December 5th

Argyle Cupcakes offering Cupcake Baking Class for Kids During The Christmas Break! Sign up Now!


December 4th

Argyle Cupcakes offered now at Randolph Market


November 9th 

Argyle Cupcakes Participates in Hardywood Bottom to Tap Three Miler

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